Seniormark Medicare
Now that you are turning 65 you will notice something peculiar happening…your mailbox is now overflowing with all kinds of junk mail, all attempting to inform you of how medicare works and your options, and all failing miserably. In fact, I would say that for most retirees it only serves to complicate things even more.
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About Seniormark
Founded in 2007, Seniormark has rapidly become the area leader in helping retirees make a successful transition from the workplace to the very unfamiliar world of retirement. At a time when retirees are often overwhelmed by the many decisions that have to be made, Seniormark helps eliminate the anxiety by patiently walking retirees through this very difficult process.
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Seniormark Seminar & Workshop
I know that most FREE seminars today are just an attempt to sell you a product. Most even offer you a free dinner to entice you to come. None of that here! Our only goal is to help you understand Medicare and your choice better.
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