Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) To-Do List
  1. Write the important Annual Enrollment dates to remember on your Calendar, and clip your calendar on your fridge.
  2. Don’t eat that midnight snack until you’ve read the dates at least once.
    1. October 1st— we can talk about your options!
    2. October 15th— The AEP games begins.
    3. December 7th—AEP comes to exhausting close.
    4. January 1st— Plan changes go into effect.
  3. Compare your medications to the formulary (drug list) mailed to you by your drug plan company.
  4. Consider changing your drug plan if some of your medications are no longer covered or if the premium is too high (call OSHIIP at 800-686-1578 to reshop your plan).
  5. Call us and set up an appointment to have a good chat about your Advantage plan.
    • Consider switching Advantage Plans if:
    • Your hospital or doctor went out-of-network
    • Plan changes for the following year result in jaw-dropping out-of-pocket spending or a high premium.
    • Your medications are no longer covered or are costing a lot.
    • Your Advantage plan is (all around) a bit of a drag.

6.  Remember — you can change your Medicare Supplement any day of the year.  If you currently have a supplement, you are not bound by AEP in order to switch companies.  However, if you want to switch from a Medicare Supplement to a Medicare Advantage plan or if you want to switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to a Medicare Supplement, you must do that during this time.

7.  As a golden rule, your ultimate to-do list item is …plan ahead!

Still confused about what to do?  Give our office a call at 937-492-8800, find us on Facebook at or fill out the contact page and we will be in touch: We are here to help!

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