“Broadway Joe” Namath Isn’t Giving You the Whole Story

“Broadway Joe” Namath Isn’t Giving You the Whole Story

By:  Dan Hoelscher, President & Founder, Seniormark, LLC


If you haven’t already had enough of the Celebrity-Sponsored Medicare Commercials, then buckle up!  With the Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) season quickly approaching, you are soon to be inundated with them.  They will feature celebrities such as NFL great Joe Namath, Good Times Jimmy Walker and Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame.  They are obviously effective!   Since Joe Namath became the spokesman for the Medicare Coverage Hotline. we have had more calls regarding Medicare Advantage plans than ever before.  Joe encourages you to not miss out on “New Medicare Benefits” and to make sure you get the “Medicare Benefits You Deserve.”

Benefits such as:

  • Rides to Medicare Appointments
  • Private Home Aides
  • Doctor’s and Nurse’s visits by telephone
  • Home delivered meals
  • Dental, Vision, Hearing and Prescription Drug Coverage


Some even offer a premium credit to your social security check for your Part B Medicare premium.  I spent some time recently watching numerous such commercials.  And what the commercials said was true, to the extent that it was said.  However, what is left unsaid is what is most crucial for you to make a wise decision.


There are a couple of things you need to consider before you race to your phone to “Call Now.” First, Joe Namath, while he may be a perfectly upstanding gentleman, is no Medicare expert.  He is a paid endorser.  In fact, I doubt he even understands what a Medicare Advantage plan is.  Even if he is on a Medicare Advantage plan, I doubt he is concerned with the potential out of pocket costs involved.  I believe his $25 million net worth may place him a little out of touch with the average American budget. Second, be aware that he is speaking on behalf of the Medicare Coverage Hotline, not Medicare.  And if you were to pause the commercial on the last slide, you would see that The Medicare Coverage Hotline is a for-profit lead generation campaign.  This means that they are simply trying to get you to call their 800 number so they can sell you as a lead to an insurance agent.


At Seniormark, we can help you with both Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans.  And we want you to choose your coverage based on the plan you believe it right for you, based on all the information, not just the information a salesperson wants you to hear.  You deserve a fair comparison!


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