Medicare Has Announced the Numbers for 2015…..

There is good news on the Medicare front! Medicare just released today that the Part B premium will remain unchanged for 2015, staying at $104.90/month. The Part B deductible will also stay the same ($147) for 2015. There are some changes to the numbers which are listed below, but many of you have a medicare supplement policy which will take care of some, if not all, of these expenses.

If you or someone you know does not have a supplement plan, or is unhappy with their current plan, please have them give us a call…(937) 492-8800

2015 Medicare Numbers



Part B Premium



Part B Deductible



Part A Hospital Deductible



Part A Hospital Coinsurance Days 61-90



Part A Hospital Coinsurance Days 91+



Skilled Nursing Coinsurance Days 21-100



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