New to Medicare?

Now that you are turning 65 and new to Medicare you will notice something peculiar happening: your mailbox is now overflowing with all kinds of junk mail, all attempting to inform you of how medicare works and your options, and all failing miserably. In fact, I would say that for most retirees it only serves to complicate things even more. If you are new to Medicare, let us help you!

Get free Medicare Supplement rates without inputting your contact information!

Yes, really! We understand that it can be very frustrating trying to get Medicare Supplement rates online. Everyone wants to get your contact information so they can hit you with a barrage of unwanted sales pitches and emails. Not here! We know that you will contact us when the time is right. So you can go ahead and use the quoting tool to the right, being confident that you didn’t just sell your soul for a simple monthly rate on a Medicare Supplement plan.

Parts A & B: Traditional Medicare

This video discusses Parts A & B of Medicare which make up the Traditional Medicare System. We will review both parts and what they do and don’t cover.


Part C: Medicare Advantage

This video discusses Part C of Medicare which is the Medicare Advantage program. We will discuss where these plans originated, their benefits, and things to keep in mind when choosing these plans.


Part D: Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

This video discusses Part D of Medicare, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. We will discuss how Part D works as well as some important things to keep in mind.


Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage

This video will discuss the two choices you have in receiving your Medicare benefits – Traditional Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage. We will review both options and discuss the pros and cons of each choice.


Medicare Supplement Insurance

This video discusses each of the available Medicare Supplement insurance plans and how each fills the gaps in Traditional Medicare Parts A and B.


Solving the Medicare Puzzle

Ready to retire and unsure what to do next? Get our “Introduction to Medicare” eBook to start to make sense of medicare and your options.


solving the medicare puzzle ebook