Is Signing Up For Medicare Automatic?
Sample Medicare Card

Is Signing Up For Medicare Automatic?

It might be. A lot of things are nowadays. You can now set up your bank account to automatically pay for your bills. And do you remember the last time you turned on your computer, and it took 20 min doing automatic updates?


But Medicare enrollment? Most of the time—no. You usually have to call or go online or visit your local security office to enroll…unless…


Did you sign up for social security prior to age 65?

If you did, signing up for Medicare is, in fact, automatic. You will receive your Medicare card in the mail 3 months before you turn 65. As pictured above, it will have the dates your Medicare Part A and B will go into effect and your Medicare number (which you should protect very carefully). As long as you can’t think of a reason why you should delay Part B of Medicare, you are finished with this phase of the Medicare planning process.


But before you exit this window, I do have some bad news: you’re not done yet. You still have some major decisions to make. Do you want a Medicare Advantage Plan? Or a Medicare Supplement? What about Drug plans?


And—quite unfortunately—these decisions are not automatic.  But, the good news is that we can help you make those decisions.  Just call our office at 937-492-8800 to set up your free, no obligation consultation and we will put your mind at ease.


Turning 65 soon and not sure what to do? Click here to sign up for our free Medicare workshop. No high-pressure sales pitches here, just in-depth discussion about the ins and outs of Medicare!

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