Our Story

Dan Hoelscher, the founder of Seniormark, began his financial service career in 1997 because he wanted to help people. During the following 10 years, much to his dismay, he found that the financial service industry was not as interested in helping people as they were in selling products.

After working for a brokerage firm, a bank and an insurance company, Dan felt the only way to truly serve people with their best interest in mind, was to set out on his own. Seeing that retirees were often the highest target of abuse, he decided to focus his practice on helping them, and hence, Seniormark was born.

Our Team

dan hoelscher seniormarkDan Hoelscher

Dan is a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner, having completed extensive college level courses in the Financial Planning Process. He has a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University and also has passed board exams in Insurance, Employee Benefits, Investments, Taxes, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning. 

Dan is also a Certified Kingdom Advisor™, providing him the expertise to offer biblical professional financial advice, which he feels is relevant in any economy.

Since founding Seniormark, Dan has served thousands of seniors and potential retirees throughout Ohio. He was a 1987 state champ in basketball and hasn’t worn those short shorts a day since (thank God).

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certified kingdom advisor

patty hoelscher seniormarkPatty Hoelscher

Patty, a licensed accident and health agent, handles Medicare Supplement rewrites and all your claim concerns and questions. Graduating from Wright State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, she is able to efficiently review your medications and health conditions in order to match you with the most suitable company. Patty also wants everyone to know that she completed Farrell’s ice cream eating challenge. 12 scoops. 2 bananas. No ragrets (not even one letter).

pam kaiser seniormarkPam Kaiser

Pam is the voice of assurance you’ll likely hear from your first call to the day you can hold your insurance card in hand. She oversees the entire application process from start to finish. In addition, holding life and health licenses, she writes both the term and whole life policies for the agency. Pam wuz also the spelling bee champion in the 6th, 7th, AND 8th grade. The runner-up was the same every year (too bad so sad, Fran)! 

adam fullenkamp seniormarkAdam Fullenkamp

Adam is a Certified Financial Planner™ who sits down with potential clients one-on-one, servicing them with personalized help concerning their Medicare Insurance options—including both Supplements and Advantage Plans. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Defiance College in 2009, a background that helps him make the complex subject of Medicare simple and easy to understand. He is a licensed health and life insurance agent and an avid National Park hiker. He’s on a mission to visit all 61! 

Renee Homan seniormarkRenee Homan

Renee has experience in the long-term care industry in both healthcare and Medicare, along with past experience serving as an OSHIIP volunteer through the Ohio Department of Insurance.  A graduate of Wright State University with a degree in Business Marketing, Renee educates clients on their Medicare options, looking to help them find the right health plan to meet their needs.  She is a licensed health insurance agent.  When she was a young woman, Renee took out a map, closed her eyes, and pointed to where she would move.  With no job or a place to live, she moved to Charlotte, NC and a lifelong Tarheel fan was born!

Tanya Westfall

Tanya has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from West Virginia Wesleyan, and has experience in both healthcare and social services.  A licensed health insurance agent, she enjoys helping people make choices for their healthcare needs.  Tanya understands how confusing Medicare can be, so she works with clients to help them choose the plan that is best for them.  A "cat lady" at heart, at 12 years of age Tanya won "best of show" with her cat at an animal competition -- even though all of the other competitors were dogs!  She even has a cat paw tattooed on her hand.



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