“Broadway Joe” Namath Isn’t Giving You the Whole Story By:  Dan Hoelscher, President & Founder, Seniormark, LLC   If you haven’t already had enough of the Celebrity-Sponsored Medicare Commercials, then buckle up!  With the Medicare Annual Enrollment (AEP) season quickly approaching, you are soon to be inundated with them.  They will feature celebrities such as… Read more »

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage: The Pros and Cons of Each You may have encountered these buzzwords in television commercials, email blasts, or the piles of mail you’ve likely received from insurance agencies, but what do they mean? What is the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement? Which is the best… Read more »

Top 5 Retirement Myths You Probably Believe We only use ten percent of our brains. Napoleon was short. It takes seven years to digest a piece of gum.   Myths like these are pervasive and stubborn. Perhaps you are just now realizing the above statements are even myths at all! Regardless, whether you first heard… Read more »

2020 AEP Checklist

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) To-Do List Write the important Annual Enrollment dates to remember on your Calendar, and clip your calendar on your fridge. Don’t eat that midnight snack until you’ve read the dates at least once. October 1st— we can talk about your options! October 15th— The AEP games begins. December 7th—AEP comes to… Read more »

Know Your Investment Lingo! 5 More Terms Every Soon-to-be Retiree Should Know   It’s easy to get confused when someone is talking over your head. And when it comes to the world of investing, it is easy for the jargon to fly a mile high. In fact, even after years of investing experience, I still… Read more »

Know Your Investment Lingo! 5 Terms Every Soon-to-be Retiree Should Know Smile and nod…smile and nod, you think as some financial advisor spews jargon about diversification or risk tolerance or ETFs. You begin to realize he’s saying more words that you don’t know than words that you do, and pretty soon his voice starts to… Read more »

Is Your Financial Advisor Giving You What You Want or What You Need? From my 20+ years in the financial planning industry, I’ve found that the best advisors will challenge you. They aren’t just yes men who tell you want you want to hear. Rather, they coach you into making the most strategic decisions that… Read more »

4 Things Every Retiree Must Know Before Buying an Annuity

4 Things Every Retiree Must Know Before Buying an Annuity Why is the world of retirement finances so scary? The answer is one you’ve probably come to know all too well: the future is uncertain. You’re uncertain about how long you’ll live because, after all, you don’t want to outlive your assets. And the nightmarish… Read more »

How to Find Trustworthy Help For Retirement Planning Good help is difficult to come by these days. And when it comes to choosing an expert to help you make critical decisions for retirement, rollover your 401(k), or manage your investments, those willing to act in your best interest seem few and far between. There are… Read more »

Why You Should Consider Working In Retirement (Even If You Don’t Need the Money) Work? Retirement? The two words don’t even sound like they belong in the same sentence. After all, retirement is for relaxation. Retirement is for grandkids. Retirement is for vacations and bucketlisting.   But wait just a minute.   Although all of… Read more »