Half-Truths And Medicare Advantage Commercials

Half-Truths And Medicare Advantage Commercials Weekly, we receive phone calls from people asking about something they saw on their tv and wondering if their insurance covers whatever they are seeing advertised.  This is more prevalant in the fall of each year, when Medicare Advantage companies ramp up their advertising during annual enrollment.  As an office,… Read more »

Why the Guaranteed Income of an Annuity Isn’t Always Worth It For Retirees Everyone likes a guarantee. It’s like a warm house that shelters us from the cold, unknown outside of diminishing returns and tragic losses. So, for the retiree, someone like you who has a lot to lose, the idea of your income being… Read more »

I’m Retiring Soon: Will Social Security Be There For Me? Over recent years, there’s been a lot of chatter about Social Security’s financial future. And let’s just say that the discourse has been a little, well, over-the-top. Politicians have been ranting about Social Security going broke, acting like—if we don’t overhaul the system in the… Read more »

5 Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Grandkids

5 Christmas Traditions You Can Start With Your Grandkids It’s that time of year again. Sleigh bells are ringing. The neighbors are putting up an epic lights display or (for the less ambitious) a wreath and floodlight. And in elementary schools everywhere, little kids are counting down the days until Christmas break.   If they… Read more »

Learn the 4 Parts of Medicare in Under 4 Minutes

Learn the 4 Parts of Medicare in Under 4 Minutes Understanding your healthcare options as you approach 65 is necessary, but let’s face it: Medicare is confusing. You’ve got enough sales mail from local agents to keep a campfire going indefinitely, but none of it seems to make anything any clearer. You’ve likely tried to… Read more »

Know Your Rights! (Your Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Rights) Everyone knows that they have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, but few retirees know their rights to a Medicare Supplement policy. For this reason, many people believe that if they missed their Open Enrollment Period and have health problems, they… Read more »

You Can Save Hundreds on Your Supplement Without Changing Your Benefits! And when I say, “without changing your benefit,” I really mean it. This isn’t about covering decreased benefits or numerous hassles under a cloak of a lower premium. You can get on an identical plan to the one you have now and still save… Read more »

Will Poor Health Prevent Me From Switching to a New Medicare Supplement? There are lots of reasons you might be dissatisfied with your current health insurance plan. Perhaps you’ve had a Medicare Supplement for a few years and the premiums have been creeping up into the stratosphere. Or—if you are in an Advantage Plan—maybe you… Read more »

Is a Part D Drug Plan Really Worth it?

Is a Part D Drug Plan Really Worth it? I’m healthy. I’m fit. I still run 5Ks and mulch my own flowerbeds and trim my own bushes. It’s like I’m Tom Cruise or something. Or Brad Pitt. Or a 1989 bottle of Chardonnay. Just getting better with age.   At this point during your internal… Read more »

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) To-Do List

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) To-Do List Write the important Annual Enrollment dates to remember on your Calendar, and clip your calendar on your fridge. Don’t eat that midnight snack until you’ve read the dates at least once. October 1st— we can talk about your options! October 15th— The AEP games begins. December 7th—AEP comes to… Read more »