Skilled vs. Custodial Care: Not Knowing The Difference Could Cost You Thousands Every once in a while a client of ours visits our office with a hefty nursing home bill for their spouse or family member.  They want to know why Medicare didn’t cover their loved one’s stay.  After all, doesn’t Part A cover inpatient… Read more »

New Workshops Announcement

We are expanding our workshop offerings! Beginning in August, we will still be offering our Welcome to Medicare workshop, but we are adding in a Social Security Planning workshop, along with a 401(k) planning workshop. Our new series is titled “Life After Work” and will help people ages 62 and up start planning for retirement,… Read more »

Attention Retirees: Premiums Shouldn’t Rule Your Healthcare Plan Decisions It is easy to do. If you’ve got a tight budget to think about, a drug plan with a low monthly premium is appealing. And if your past is fraught with health scares, it feels more secure to go with a high premium Medicare Supplement for… Read more »

Attention Retirees: Don’t Fall For These 2 Medicare Sales Tactics Before the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act passed in July of 2008, Medicare Supplement salespeople had the upper hand. They could call you as much as they wished and show up at your doorstep uninvited. Medicare sales were practically a warzone. Now, however,… Read more »

Underrated Plan G Supplement Could Save You Hundreds a Year Plan F is Medicare Supplement’s Cadillac plan. It is the one with the most comprehensive benefits of all 11 plans, reducing potential out-of-pocket spending for health insurance to an all-time low. It covers all Medicare approved expenses including deductibles, coinsurance, skilled nursing, and much more.… Read more »

Do I Really Need a Medicare Supplement?   David Belk, a doctor and anti-supplement activist says, “…If you have Medicare and buy a supplemental policy with your own money, you are effectively giving an insurance company your money so that they can keep it.”   Wow. This statement is moving. For those who have had… Read more »

One Priceless Secret to Help You Find a Trustworthy Retirement Advisor You can’t choose retirement help based on an agent’s smile or friendliness or wrinkleless pants. And contrary to popular belief, the handshake shouldn’t make or break your decision either. The truth is, even if he or she is a nice guy or gal, that… Read more »

Know The Drug Plan Lingo! 5 Terms to Get You Started Every field or discipline has its own language. And to the undiscerning ear, it can all run together into nonsensical jargon. Mumbo jumbo. Gibberish. Flim flam. Drivel. You get the idea. But if you want to walk the walk and get ahead, you must… Read more »

Is There an Advantage to Medicare Advantage?

Is There an Advantage to Medicare Advantage? According to Reader’s Digest, 1 in 4 retirees receive their health insurance coverage from a Medicare Advantage Plan.  And I can certainly understand the attraction.  Premiums as low as $0 a month.  Prescription drug plans often included.  What’s not to like?   But—as it goes for most purchases—you… Read more »