6 60’s Theme Songs That Will Make You Nostalgic

6 60’s Theme Songs That Will Make You Nostalgic As I was browsing the theme songs of the shows I used to watch when I was a younger kid (I do not identify as an adult yet), I realized how much I love nostalgia. Just a few notes and I was back in my pajamas… Read more »

How to Understand Medicare in 3 Simple Steps   Medicare, like many other government programs, is far from being easy to understand. From family and friends, you get little snippets of guidance, but nothing that gives you a cohesive picture. From the government, you receive the overly exhaustive Medicare & You handbook that is so… Read more »

To Delay or Not to Delay? The Social Security Break-Even Point Explained The question of when to take Social Security has been called “the single most important retirement money decision of your life.” So it makes sense that it would be weighing on the minds of many soon-to-be retirees. Should I take it early at… Read more »

Do I Need to Sign Up For Medicare If I Have Insurance with My Employer? This is an important question. If you sign up for Medicare, and you didn’t need to, you end up forking over cash in premiums for insurance you don’t even need. However, if you don’t sign up for Medicare and you… Read more »

“Fear Not!” Is Still the Best Investment Advice Here’s a crude snapshot of a conversation I had with my client a few months ago. I think you’ll find it heartbreaking: “I see you have all your investments in a money market account.” (Note: this is an extremely low-risk investment option)   “Yeah…I did that when… Read more »

Read This Before You Take Social Security Early

Read This Before You Take Social Security Early Social Security is a bit like the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment, the one where they place elementary-aged kids in solitude with a tantalizing marshmallow on a plate in front of them. “If you wait until I come back, I will give you another marshmallow,” the researcher tells them,… Read more »

How to avoid the #1 Mistake on Medicare’s Request for Employment Verification Form How many of you dread filling out Medicare forms?  Please raise your hand if you’ve ever had to correct the Medicare “Request for Employment Information” form (CMS-L564) for your employee.  When you complete the form, you’re hit with a fear that you… Read more »

Investing Fact Check: No One Can Predict the Future Not the common investor. Not your financial planner. Not even the “big wig” finance-savvy gurus.   I get it. It’s alluring to think you might have a competitive edge. The seductive power of huge yields in a short amount of time is almost magnetic. And it’s… Read more »

5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active and Memory Sharp in Retirement

5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Active and Memory Sharp in Retirement As inspiration for this post, I would like to thank my grandma. I called her to ask if she had any funny memory-loss moments she would like share. She paused.   “I would love to help you, but I can’t remember,” she said.… Read more »

What Does a Medicare Supplement Really Cover?

What Does a Medicare Supplement Really Cover? Everyone will say, “It fills in the Medicare coverage gaps” or “it covers what Medicare doesn’t” In fact, I’ve said those mantras to my clients many times. But when you’re looking at paying $80-150 in premiums per month for one of Medicare’s more popular and comprehensive plans, that’s… Read more »