5 Strategies to Get the Most Benefits Out of Your Social Security It’s human nature to want to get the most out of everything. That’s why “stretching your dollar” appeals work so well.  It’s also why people spend 15 minutes scrounging that last bit of toothpaste from the tube (you know you’ve done it).  … Read more »

The #1 Reason Why You Should Enroll in Medicare Part A (Even If You’re Still Working) Whether or not you should sign up for Part B while still actively employed is a little more questionable. I mean, why pay that $134 a month premium if you’re employer plan is doing a fine job at a… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Most Retirees Should Rollover Their 401(k)

3 Reasons Why Most Retirees Should Rollover Their 401(k) I’m not saying there aren’t legitimate reasons to keep your 401(k) at your employer, but those reasons are typically unimpressive or only apply to a small percentage of people.   For instance, a 401(k) plan will allow you to make penalty-free withdrawals after you turn 55.… Read more »

A Side-by-Side Comparison of Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements When it comes to Medicare, you only have two big options. That’s it. The piles of mail you’ve been receiving from various agents as you approach 65 do not represent hundreds of choices. There are only 2 ways to get your Medicare coverage. First, I hope… Read more »

10 Medicare Terms To Get You Started If you’ve ever done research in your life, you know that knowledgeable people sometimes overdo it. They use words that only other life-long Medicare experts would know.   And when you ask them to explain, what do they do? Use even bigger and scarier words to describe the… Read more »

When Should I Take Social Security? — 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Decision Wow. That is a whopper of a question. And with social security getting a lot more media coverage lately, it is a question on the forefront of many minds just like yours. Most experts will answer with a resounding… Read more »

Skilled vs. Custodial Care: Not Knowing The Difference Could Cost You Thousands Every once in a while a client of ours visits our office with a hefty nursing home bill for their spouse or family member.  They want to know why Medicare didn’t cover their loved one’s stay.  After all, doesn’t Part A cover inpatient… Read more »

New Workshops Announcement

We are expanding our workshop offerings! Beginning in August, we will still be offering our Welcome to Medicare workshop, but we are adding in a Social Security Planning workshop, along with a 401(k) planning workshop. Our new series is titled “Life After Work” and will help people ages 62 and up start planning for retirement,… Read more »

Attention Retirees: Premiums Shouldn’t Rule Your Healthcare Plan Decisions It is easy to do. If you’ve got a tight budget to think about, a drug plan with a low monthly premium is appealing. And if your past is fraught with health scares, it feels more secure to go with a high premium Medicare Supplement for… Read more »