A Major Announcement from Premier Health Plans!

Major Announcement from Premier Health Plans!   Premier Health Insuring Corporation, which does business under the name Premier Health Plan (“Premier Health Plan”), and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) recently mutually agreed to terminate their Medicare Advantage plan contract, effective April 1, 2018.   Each beneficiary enrolled in Premier Health Plan’s Medicare Advantage… Read more »

Warning: New Medicare Scams Coming!

A New Wave of Medicare Scammers   Yet another wave of Medicare scammers is on the rise.  As new Medicare cards will be mailed out, seniors are finding themselves susceptible to phone scammers who are calling and identifying themselves as representatives from Medicare.   Callers are requesting payment for the new Medicare cards that are… Read more »

The Diversification Misconception: Why All Your Eggs May Still Be in One Basket The adage is almost older than investing itself: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, diversify your portfolio so that—if a particular investment tanks—you haven’t lost all your money.   So you set off to work, scattering your… Read more »

7 Candies That Will Bring Back Childhood Memories

7 Candies That Will Bring Back Childhood Memories My grandma used to pick out a small bag of candy every Saturday when her family visited their local meat locker. While her dad was stacking slabs of beef in the chilly deep freeze, she was in the nearby candy shop with her sister, carefully selecting candies… Read more »

Aren’t All Medicare Supplements the Same?

Aren’t All Medicare Supplements the Same? Yes. Well…no. Well— it’s at this point that I realize cut and dry answers don’t get along very well with Medicare. Or the federal government. Or really anything related to government for that matter.  And I am forced to give you the incredibly vague answer that sometimes isn’t an… Read more »

Take Advantage of What Medicare Covers in FULL Medicare alone doesn’t cover very much in full. There’s almost always some sort of coinsurance or copayment or other out-of-pocket cost.  This is why many people purchase Medicare Supplement Insurance to fill in the gaps (I recommend that you do so as well).   But there is… Read more »

Can I Really Get a Medicare Advantage Plan For Free? Yes, for quite a few Medicare Advantage plans, you will not have to pay a dime in premiums. And to sweeten to deal, you can even get extra benefits like gym memberships or a built in drug coverage with some plans. But I’m very stingy… Read more »

6 Annual Enrollment Dates You (Quite Literally) Can’t Afford to Forget I know you’ve got a lot of dates to juggle: birthdays, anniversaries, holiday get togethers, or departure dates for long awaited travel plans. But you have to leave some empty space—in your memory and on your calendar—to add these 6 dates.   Why?  … Read more »

How Much Does Medicare Cost in 2017? The cost of health care is a big question mark for soon-to-be retirees. Perhaps you’ve been on a trusty employer plan for the last few decades or have come to know and love a private insurance plan that fits your needs and budget. But now you’ve got to… Read more »